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Fleming's Body & Paint of Salem and Stayton, Oregon is your go-to repair shop where you receive courteous customer service, competitive pricing, and authentic business principles. You’ll be impressed with our great services, FREE quotes, and military discounts!


Having your vehicle repaired can be stressful and we are here to help. Below are a few helpful hints to better inform you of the processes and people involved. Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.


  • You are not required to get more than one estimate, but it is helpful and gives you options

  • You are not required to use the repair shop your insurance selects - you get to choose!

  • Only you, the vehicle owner, can approve the repairs on your vehicle

  • Repair estimates will vary based on the quality of repair, as well as the visibility of damages. Hidden damages are always a possibility 



There are 4 different types of parts that can be utilized during a repair: 


  • New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - replacement parts manufactured by the original manufacturer of the subject vehicle

  • Aftermarket - replacement parts not manufactured by original manufacturer or an approved subcontractor of the original manufacturer

  • Salvage - commonly referred to as “like kind and quality” (LKQ) by insurance companies, are used parts manufactured by an OEM or aftermarket manufacturer that have been salvaged from a used vehicle damaged beyond repair; these are then reconditioned for resale

  • Remanufactured - used parts that have been removed from another vehicles and were then repaired, re-machined, and rebuilt for resale



General Responsibilities: Who Does What?


Repair Shop  


  • Address your questions and concerns

  • Explain the repair process

  • Explain that some repair variables are outside our control, such as parts availability, insurance response time, what an insurance company will pay for, etc.

  • Provide a timeline for your vehicle repair and keep you updated on part availability, insurance information conveyed to us etc.

  • Provide a final invoice listing services provided 




  • Report the claim to the insurance company, and file DMV accident report (if applicable)

  • Take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice

  • Ask questions or concerns during the repair process to applicable parties

  • Pay your deductible to the repair facility when one applies - (we try to save you your deductible!)


Insurance Company


  • Process your claim

  • Inform you of your right to choose a repair facility

  • Follow the policy issued to you

  • Answer questions regarding rental vehicle replacement policies

  • Ensure that payment for repairs has been arranged prior to vehicle completion